Monday, 5 October 2009

blah evil migraine is stopping me from doing anything crafty :(

I'm finally coming close to finishing my beetlejuice plushie. I just need to attach the rest of his hair and then piant on the facial detials. Pete has some over iron on paper that i might use for drawing on the eyes. ive not really thought about how he's going to look. I dont want him to look the cartoon of beetlejuice as im not really a fan of that program.

I've had an idea to turn my crochet cupcakes into little photo holders. Im going to attach colourful pipe cleaners to the cupcake and they will hold notes or photos, yeah im not explaining it well but all will be made clear once ive made it ;) I've been asked to make a cupcake for a family member of petes.

It's my mums birthday this month too and i want to make her a little cupcake or cake as she really like the ones i had made already.

I picked up some little glitterly pom poms at the weekend, not sure what i'll use them for but they were too cute not to buy ;)
im on the hunt for felt at the moment and once again croydon sucks when it comes to any kinda of craft supplies *sigh* i dont really want to buy it online as im only finding places with high postage.
Im going to poole in Nov so i may have to ask my dad nicely to drive me too hobbycraft or the range :)


  1. Great job with your crafts. Keep up the great work.

    If you have an interest in the living dead then join us at Zombie Living...

  2. Thats such a great idea for the cupcakes. You could use bendable wire - I dunno what its actually called. I think its used in flower arranging. Its fairly thick wire but its bendable, its what we used to make our wedding favours. I'll get you a picture if you want.

  3. Top idea about the cupcakes!
    I hope your head's better now :)

  4. thanks all :D

    Jules: thanks for the tip! the coloured pipe cleaners i used today have worked well but i'll keep it in mind for other projects :D

    Esshaych: thanks hun <3



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