Monday, 19 October 2009

Because i needed to take a break from crocheting to let my hand recover, ive been dong some digital drawing instead. The pen tablet still causes aches but no where near as bad :)

I lined and coloured this picture that i uploaded from my sketchbook months ago. It was an old picture but i felt like doing something simple....i say simple but it still took me hours lol

Me!...well me if i lived in looney tune land ;) my friend ask me to do it as they thought it would be cool hehe.

I have so many WIP of digital drawings on my computer that i really should get round to finishing. I still need to get a new nib for the pen as its worn down badly.

I've given the birthday cupcake away now so i'll upload the pictures soon. She really liked it :D


  1. Haha! Someone was an Animaniacs fan!

  2. there is never, EVER a reason to take a break from crocheting! **shakes head**

    thanks for adding me. you are quite a delightful little creature, aren't you?



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