Monday, 26 October 2009


Heres the cupcake i made for a family member, she turned 16 the other week & really likes cupcakes. I was worried about picking the right colours as when i was 16 i only wore black ;) so i cant really relate with a trendy girl hehe. But she loved it so im very pleased.
The star has a paper clip hidden inside so it can hold photos or notes, i also weighed it down with rice.

This sat i went to the halloween hair meet :) its a group of girls who make fake hair & are on the same forum. i'll post about it on here as it is kind of craft related as we make our own dreads, some are dread sellers.

group shot of some of the girls, i didnt managed to get a photo of all of us :(

me! yeah i couldnt help myself ;) i had rather dull hair this time round as i normaly go with neon dreads! i tried to make the effort else where hense the dress.

I have made a start on the painting. I forgot how long it takes me to paint.
Im also working on a digital drawing of the raccoons cartoon hehe. It's just a silly thing to help pass the time so i dont know when i'll get it finished.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Because i needed to take a break from crocheting to let my hand recover, ive been dong some digital drawing instead. The pen tablet still causes aches but no where near as bad :)

I lined and coloured this picture that i uploaded from my sketchbook months ago. It was an old picture but i felt like doing something simple....i say simple but it still took me hours lol

Me!...well me if i lived in looney tune land ;) my friend ask me to do it as they thought it would be cool hehe.

I have so many WIP of digital drawings on my computer that i really should get round to finishing. I still need to get a new nib for the pen as its worn down badly.

I've given the birthday cupcake away now so i'll upload the pictures soon. She really liked it :D

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

new ID


I made a new ID for deviantart. Took me way longer than normal, guess ive become a bit rusty as it has been a little while since my last digital drawing.

Tired! I made 8 dreads today so i could have a full kit of the brown straight dreads. I re-installed them all and cut my fringe of doom back in whoo!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

I've done a lot of crocheting this week, although right now it doesnt look like much. I've almost finished the cupcake i have been working on, it just needs a few finishing touches and to be stuffed. i was thinking about weighting it down with some rice...rice is ok to use right? it wont go off will it? hmm.
I've also started making a care bear! i know i should really finish the things im working on already like the beetlejuice plushie before i start on something else. but i felt like a break from doing that as i'll only end up making mistakes if im not interested in doing it. will finish it soon though.

So yeah the care bear, i found an offical pattern for it but im changing it to be like the toxic care i drew ages ago :) lots of lime green!
i've never done anything this big before and my hand is killing! i have a lot of problems with my fingers swelling and hurting because of the cfs/fibro but im making good headway with it.

I've also found a pattern for eeyore that im going to try and make for my mums birthday. she's a big fan. i need to get some new wool though as i dont have the right shades of bluey purple. Eeyore used to be grey! bah oh well...i want to make a little birthday hat and cake to go with it just so its a bit different.
It looks like a tricky pattern i hope im able to do it.

right back to the crocheting!

Monday, 5 October 2009

blah evil migraine is stopping me from doing anything crafty :(

I'm finally coming close to finishing my beetlejuice plushie. I just need to attach the rest of his hair and then piant on the facial detials. Pete has some over iron on paper that i might use for drawing on the eyes. ive not really thought about how he's going to look. I dont want him to look the cartoon of beetlejuice as im not really a fan of that program.

I've had an idea to turn my crochet cupcakes into little photo holders. Im going to attach colourful pipe cleaners to the cupcake and they will hold notes or photos, yeah im not explaining it well but all will be made clear once ive made it ;) I've been asked to make a cupcake for a family member of petes.

It's my mums birthday this month too and i want to make her a little cupcake or cake as she really like the ones i had made already.

I picked up some little glitterly pom poms at the weekend, not sure what i'll use them for but they were too cute not to buy ;)
im on the hunt for felt at the moment and once again croydon sucks when it comes to any kinda of craft supplies *sigh* i dont really want to buy it online as im only finding places with high postage.
Im going to poole in Nov so i may have to ask my dad nicely to drive me too hobbycraft or the range :)


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