Sunday, 27 September 2009

Strawberry sensation


This is the cupcake i made for my friend who has just moved housed. she likes strawberries so i thought this would be ideal for her.
more experimenting with the icing/frosting, i think if was a real cupcake the icing would be glazed rather than whippy cream.

Still working on my beetlejuice plushie. I've made the body now and the trousers. His clothing is taking me forever as i dont have any striped fabric so im having to sew black stripes onto the white felt. I could glue them on but i didnt think it would look as nice.

To have a break from sewing i did some sketching last night for a painting i want to do. I need to get some more paints though before i make a start as a lot of mine have dried up. i dont often paint so i'll just pick up a cheap pack of mini acrylic paints up from the works.


  1. I love this cupcake!!

    Ok... so back when I first commented on your blog, I thought I'd been following it... but somehow I hadn't!

    Amended! I am following it now!!!



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