Thursday, 17 September 2009

Havent done anything arty this week, really havent been up to it but i did rearrange my beads into there new home :D it took me hours mind you as i wanted them colour cordinated with the new ones i had got. some of them are so tiny, i wish i had a little hoover thing to suck them and them about. yeah i am aware of how crazy i sound ;)
beady goodness

but its worth it, look how lovely they are! i still have another empty box left but im not sure i'll go to all the trouble of rearranging the colours next time.
more storage

I also got this larger box for my embellishments and other bits.

Im thinking whether i should do some halloween crafts? I have some things i have to make for birthday presents in oct and a wedding present in nov and then its christmas stuff! so i dont know, maybe if i have enough time as i have this idea for spooky cupcakes. lol it must look like all i ever do is cupcakes ;)

I want to try my hand at some real cupcakes! I can bake but havent done in years and i dont have any cooking equipment. I think i should start off with something super easy and just make some chocolate rice crispy cakes, im sure i cant go wrong there! I had the idea while eating breakfast hehe, i think it would be a cute thing for me and pete to do together.

Drooling through the online ikea catalouge tonight really makes me want to get the spare room sorted. I wish i wasnt such a hoarder so i could go in there and just throw everything out! i would love wall to wall bookcases and pretty storage boxes. Half the room is of course petes + its a tiny room so i dont see much happening in the way of dream craftroom but a clean space would be a nice start.


  1. I love rainbow colours! I would totally have organised them like that too. :D What else will you use them for apart from to decorate your crocheting stuffs?

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment and the follow :)

    I'll be having a blog giveaway in the near future... so stay tuned!

    I love your little cupcakes so I'm going to follow your blog as well to see what you make.

    Your bead pictures make me want to go out and buy more beads... they always look so wonderful and full of potential when they're all organized like that... sadly though, I never utilize them enough.

    Also, I've got to say, I LOVE your hair!! From the brown dreads to the ultra pink... very cool.

  3. Jules: hello thank you for the follow :) well i made plushies out of felt so i'll use the beads on them too but apart from that im not sure what i'll use them for hehe.

    Heather: your welcome, you have some really cute things on your blog too :D
    oh you should, can never have too many craft supplies, thats my excuse and im sticking to it ;) hehe.

    aw thank you! <3



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