Saturday, 5 September 2009

craft goodies

how lovely does that look!? yes i know im a bit strange but nothing makes me happier than seeing art & craft supplies stored nicely and colour coordinated *drools*
This was a present off my parents, my dad picked it out :) My mum picked me up some more beads and wool...

Gorgeous coloured wool that will be purrrfect for making a plushie of my cat ;) hehe
Her local works only had coloured of bead i already had so she picked me up so bead from hobbycraft. I wish there was a hobbycraft near me *sobs*

finished the present for my friend this morning. I will post photos once she's recived it in the post as i want it to be a suprise for her.
I've had an idea for a Hello Kitty cupcake that i may give ago making this week.


  1. hey! glad you like my blog, thanks for reading it :)



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