Tuesday, 29 September 2009

poosticks >_<

i was just looking at the beetlejuice plushie thinking something doesnt seem right? I made the body from pink skin coloured felt when i should of used white! i had been working from a black n white photo, wasnt till i looked at a colour photo that i relised his face was still all white.

luckily i hadnt started work on the facial features. The suit has taken my forever to do what with sewing on all the strips....now i have to make a body all over again. Teach me to pay more attention next time ;)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Strawberry sensation


This is the cupcake i made for my friend who has just moved housed. she likes strawberries so i thought this would be ideal for her.
more experimenting with the icing/frosting, i think if was a real cupcake the icing would be glazed rather than whippy cream.

Still working on my beetlejuice plushie. I've made the body now and the trousers. His clothing is taking me forever as i dont have any striped fabric so im having to sew black stripes onto the white felt. I could glue them on but i didnt think it would look as nice.

To have a break from sewing i did some sketching last night for a painting i want to do. I need to get some more paints though before i make a start as a lot of mine have dried up. i dont often paint so i'll just pick up a cheap pack of mini acrylic paints up from the works.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

sewing sewing sewing

this is what im up to today...the body bits of soon to be beetlejuice doll :D and that orange & black swirl is the starts of a halloween lolly idea i have. just pinned together at the moment while i decide what to do next.

Been sat watching Coraline while i sew, thought it was rather fitting ;) i really want to make my own coraline doll or a me version in that style.

i havent done any felt plushies in a long time so it feels nice to be sewing again. I am a bit low on colours though and annoyingly the only place in town that i knew sold felt has shut down.

Anyone use livejournal? I've started a art blog there too, same as this one really but i can follow the arty communties on there.
http://displacedart.livejournal.com/ add me if your on there :)

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Meet my Halloween kitty :D

I followed a pattern i found here, http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474977780905#comments
for the body but the little hat & neck leaves are all my own design. Also the details of the face & pumpkin carving are my own too :)

I really do like its little hat hehe. I used my new glue gun for the first time, havent used one in years so i was a bit messy. hopefully i'll get neater with time.

Ive been able to find a pattern for a bird plush online. i dont have a working printer so i will have to draw it out myself but thats fine as i want to change it to look more like a crow.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

halloween urges

I gave into my halloween urges and started work on a little black cat wearing a pumpkin suit. I found the pattern online but am changing the details...also might make a little pumpkin hat for it :D
I cant wait to put my hello kitty build a bear in her halloween costume!

This is a picture from last year, isnt she wonderful?

I've also had an idea to make a spooky black bird out of felt for my vintage style bird cage. I really dont know where to start on making a pattern for that so i'll have to search the interwebs!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Havent done anything arty this week, really havent been up to it but i did rearrange my beads into there new home :D it took me hours mind you as i wanted them colour cordinated with the new ones i had got. some of them are so tiny, i wish i had a little hoover thing to suck them and them about. yeah i am aware of how crazy i sound ;)
beady goodness

but its worth it, look how lovely they are! i still have another empty box left but im not sure i'll go to all the trouble of rearranging the colours next time.
more storage

I also got this larger box for my embellishments and other bits.

Im thinking whether i should do some halloween crafts? I have some things i have to make for birthday presents in oct and a wedding present in nov and then its christmas stuff! so i dont know, maybe if i have enough time as i have this idea for spooky cupcakes. lol it must look like all i ever do is cupcakes ;)

I want to try my hand at some real cupcakes! I can bake but havent done in years and i dont have any cooking equipment. I think i should start off with something super easy and just make some chocolate rice crispy cakes, im sure i cant go wrong there! I had the idea while eating breakfast hehe, i think it would be a cute thing for me and pete to do together.

Drooling through the online ikea catalouge tonight really makes me want to get the spare room sorted. I wish i wasnt such a hoarder so i could go in there and just throw everything out! i would love wall to wall bookcases and pretty storage boxes. Half the room is of course petes + its a tiny room so i dont see much happening in the way of dream craftroom but a clean space would be a nice start.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Have been meaning to post but havent been that well lately. Anywho...I finished making the brown dreads. I didnt have enough hair to make them super long but they are still longer than i normaly wear. I also made some older dreads wavey by braiding them together and giving them a good steam. I think for my next dreads i will make them all wavey as i rather like the effect :)


yeah i know its not a very clear picture of me wearing them but i just had to show this one off! I do love cows so very much <3

My cat Suki came and stuck her nose into the picture, thought it was rather cute! :) I'll take clearer photos for deviantart later.
I followed http://amigurumipatterns.blogspot.com/2007/11/thank-you-little-cactus.html pattern but changed it for my own tastes....its also purple but my camera always turns it blue.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Well i finished making the hello kitty cupcake. Although you cant really tell from this photo but its almost twice the size of the other cupcakes ive been making.
Im really pleased with the pattern i came up with for the leafy stork bit :D I dont like the hello kitty face part though. I might have another go but make a smaller one some time.

So you can see the leafy bit in better detail :)

I really should be making a start on my dreads but this is the first day time i've been awake since wed so im just taking it easy.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

craft goodies

how lovely does that look!? yes i know im a bit strange but nothing makes me happier than seeing art & craft supplies stored nicely and colour coordinated *drools*
This was a present off my parents, my dad picked it out :) My mum picked me up some more beads and wool...

Gorgeous coloured wool that will be purrrfect for making a plushie of my cat ;) hehe
Her local works only had coloured of bead i already had so she picked me up so bead from hobbycraft. I wish there was a hobbycraft near me *sobs*

finished the present for my friend this morning. I will post photos once she's recived it in the post as i want it to be a suprise for her.
I've had an idea for a Hello Kitty cupcake that i may give ago making this week.

Friday, 4 September 2009


Im really pleased with how my blueberry cupcake turned out. crocheting with the baby blue yarn though was such a pain! I think maybe because its "baby wool" instead of the other yarn i use. I've been having problems with the same brand of baby pink yarn too.

Im working on a present for my friend at the moment. I've owed her a letter for ages & she's just moved house so i though a little present would be nice :)

I will have to make a start on the present for Petes birthday too soon. I want to make my dread kit in time for it as well, so busy! my poor hands are going to hate me.

My parents visited me yesterday and bought me some crafting goodies! :D i will show them off tomorrow when i can take a nice picture.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

cupcake delight

yeah i couldnt think of a better name hehe.

taking what i learned from the last pattern ive come up with my own design by altering it.
I wanted the icing to be more wavey, next time i might try and make them bigger.

I also experimented on making whippy cream. took me an age to sew on the beads for sprinkles but they do look cute. its a shame that the picture doesnt show them very clearly.

my mum has said she'll look in her local "the works" to see if she can find me more beads *fingers crossed* Next time im in town i'll have to pick up a storage box for them as the little plastic boxes they come in are very good, i keep spilling them everywhere >_<

I have an idea for a buleberry cupcake for my next make :)


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