Monday, 31 August 2009

yoinked from deviantart

At last managed to do crocheting the right way!


followed this pattern
Added my own details, i didnt decide on adding a face untill i had stuffed it >_< src="" alt=":(" title=":( (Sad)" height="15" width="15"> im going to have to find out if i can get a hook with a soft handle or something otherwise i'll end up with an evil claw hand going on.

Im planning on dying my hair brown soon for change, so that means new dread kit. my poor hands :( i wanted them done for a family visit this week but i think it would be better if i left it for a while so my hand can recover a little.

Im in the middle of making a new cupcake. ive been trying to come up with a way to make it look like whippy cream on top. so far so good but i might try other ways just to experiment.

I bought a cute book from the works (cheap book & craft store) its "Snazzy Jars: Glorious Gift Ideas" pete thinks ive finally lost the the plot, but i like looking at peoples storage solution and crafty makes :D
picked up a few more 99p sequin and bead packs. they make perfect sprinkles for the cupcakes, sadly theyve sold out of a lot of the colours but im keeping my fingers crossed they'll get in stock again!
ooh and i finally found somewhere that sells wool in croydon! the guy there must think im a bit odd bit odd as ive already bought tons of wool from him and ive only been in twice! i keep forgetting what colours i need, i have to make a list for next time.

Have something planned to make for Petes birthday but its a secret ;)


  1. I love the cupcake!! And if you were looking for soft grip hooks there's these hooks called Clover Soft Touch Ergonomic, and they have a much bigger handle so they're alot easier to use :D They sell them on ebay (That's where I got mine!):D

  2. ooh thank you! i will go look them up now as the normal hooks are hurting so much its kinda putting me off from making things.




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