Tuesday, 1 September 2009

cupcake delight

yeah i couldnt think of a better name hehe.

taking what i learned from the last pattern ive come up with my own design by altering it.
I wanted the icing to be more wavey, next time i might try and make them bigger.

I also experimented on making whippy cream. took me an age to sew on the beads for sprinkles but they do look cute. its a shame that the picture doesnt show them very clearly.

my mum has said she'll look in her local "the works" to see if she can find me more beads *fingers crossed* Next time im in town i'll have to pick up a storage box for them as the little plastic boxes they come in are very good, i keep spilling them everywhere >_<

I have an idea for a buleberry cupcake for my next make :)

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